How to Apply to a Short-Term Abroad Program

How to Apply

To begin an Online Application, students must be eligible academically and in terms of their disciplinary status to receive approval for study abroad from the University.  All students must submit a Short Term Abroad Study Abroad Approval Form in order to permit the OSA to complete the University's academic and judicial review.  Conducting the academic and judicial review requires obtaining information from other offices on campus, so please allow 2-3 weeks to process the approval.

To submit this form, find the brochure for the program(s) you are interested in applying for in the Programs section of our website. Once there, click "Apply Now" to begin an application. (If no "Apply Now" button is appearing, that means the application cycle for the program is not yet open.)  Students will be prompted to login using their GW Net ID and password.  You will select the semester  in which you wish to study abroad.  The system will then direct you to your application home page.  Complete all e-signature documents, fillable forms, and offline requirements as listed on the right side of the screen.

For non-GW students:  In order to login to our system, you will need to create an account.  To create an account, locate the program you wish to apply to on our website.  Click the "Apply Now" button.  When asked if you are a GW user, indicate "No".  The system will present you with a series of questions that you must complete in order to create an account.  Upon clicking the submit button, the site will send you a temporary password so that you may login to the website.  NOTE:  This temporary password does expire within 24 hours.  If your password has expired before you could login to change it, click on the "Login" button and there you can select  the "Forget your password?" button.  This will re-send you a temporary password.