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Health Services Delivery in Israel (HSML 6299)
Jerusalem, Israel; Tel Aviv, Israel
Program Terms: January Term
Cost Estimate January Term
Fact Sheet:
Minimum GPA: 3
 Language(s) of Instruction:
 Host Institution:
 Class Status:
Graduate, Undergraduate
Open to non-GW students: Yes
 Sponsoring Department:
Health Services Management and Leadership
 Study Abroad Office Advisor:
Laura Ochs
 Level of Immersion:
Short Term Abroad
 Program Sponsor:
GW Sponsored
Program Description:

Israel Health Course Name

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HSML 6299

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HaifaThe School of Public Health and Health Services and Department of Health Services Management and leadership is offering GW students an opportunity to spend two weeks in Israel studying the health care delivery system of this nation. Students will hear from nationally known experts across the spectrum of health care delivery organizations and will personally visit a wide variety of these facilities.
Among its many distinctions and characteristics, the State of Israel is a polyglot with an ever-changing demographic population resulting from the ongoing in-migration that has been a philosophical mainstay of the country since its inception in 1948. A novel primary care clinic system has been developed with clinical delivery system customized to the healthcare needs of disparate cohorts.  Because of the ongoing existential threats, constant military readiness is the norm, given the political environment in which the State exists. As a result, Israel maintains a highly integrated relationship between its civilian healthcare and military healthcare systems; from University affiliated tertiary care institutions, to regional & community hospitals and clinics with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Israel also has developed leading edge front-line battlefield trauma and treatment units.

Exposure to these dimensions of healthcare delivery offer a unique learning experience.  There will be opportunities to interact with faculty and contemporaries; professors and students in the international and graduate public health and healthcare administration programs. The Braun School of Public Health at Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be the intellectual focal point for the tour. The Braun School attracts graduate students from throughout the world. 

This short-term abroad course will encompass the following components:
  • hA comprehensive orientation to the universal health care system available to all citizens and people in-country.
  • Appreciation of the demographically customized primary care outreach clinic system (based upon the clinical model originally developed in South Africa) for the various ethnicities and ethnic and social cohorts that are the Israeli demographic; Native born Israelis, Palestinians, Ethiopians, Russians and most recently French/European subpopulation concentrations.
  • Seamless integration of the civilian tertiary care and primary care hospital systems with the country's military when the country mobilizes.
  • The state-of-the-art frontline M*A*S*H/Trauma unit systems that support combat troops.
  • Lectures by selected faculty of Hadassah Hospital & the Braun International Graduate School of Public Health the Hebrew University.

In addition to the classroom and site based learning, participants will have time built into the program to visit Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Galilee. This program is a wonderful opportunity to visit Israel, explore this remarkable nation and learn from some of the best health care leaders in the world.

*Please note: this course will be on student registration for the Spring 2014.

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Leonard Friedman,

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Application Deadline: October 1, 2013
On Campus Dates:  Thursdays 1:10-4:00pm, 11/14/13 & 1/16/14, ****NEW ROOM = GOV 325****
Overseas Dates: December 14-24, 2013

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This trip is excellent for anyone interested in going into healthcare administration in a global setting or comparative healthcare systems. It is a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field in their environment about the ins and outs of the Israeli healthcare system, which is a great deal different from our own. Especially with the Affordable Care Act being so often discussed today, hearing about a completely different healthcare system is an amazing learning experience that helps better understand how cultural differences in the populations affect the ins and outs of the decisions made regarding healthcare.
     — Melanie Watman, January Term 2014
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