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  • Locations: Cape Town, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa; Pretoria, South Africa
  • Program Terms: Summer
Fact Sheet:
Program Description:

Political Engagement in South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town)
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday April 5,  2019

Course Number: PSAD 6200.DE1 (3 credits)
Professor: Dr. Natalia Dinello, GSPM Residency Director
Blackboard-Based Course Dates: July 8- August 17, 2019
Global Perspective Residency Dates: August 3-10, 2019
Additional information can be found on the GSPM website.

Is This Program for Me?
Are you . . .
  • interested in operating in international markets, accounting for the complexities of differing political and societal environments?
  • curious about what advocacy tools influence governments, parliaments, associations and civil society organizations as well as their leaders and staff – in the U.S. and around the world?
  • seeking to advance a cause or commerce in South Africa?
  • looking to bring about change in the region?
If so, we invite you to join us.

Course Objectives:
  • Empower and prepare political professionals for success and leadership in engagement in foreign environments and in relations with international counterparts.
  • Focus on experiential knowledge to advance strategic skills in support of multiple career paths.
  • Develop the ability to analyze the workings of political institutions in a particular context with the focus on trends and stakeholders and to use this analysis for suggesting practical approaches to engage key stakeholders, while accounting for current and prospective trends. 
  • Gather information and evaluate the dynamic relationship among governing, legislative/policy, electoral, and cultural/media environments in a specific context through coursework and interactions with insiders.
  • Build on academic readings as well as media reports, databases and research websites to conduct a focused inquiry, based on one’s interest, using analytical tools.
  • Acquire skills for developing an effective, well-contextualized political engagement strategy for promoting or resolving an issue of individual and/or organizational interest
Why South Africa?
  •          The continent's economic and political powerhouse
  •          An emerging market with an abundant supply of natural resources
  •          Complex history of struggle against apartheid and for freedom
  •          Diverse and exuberant culture
  •          Rich ecosystems and beautiful nature
  •          A strong voice for the developing world

What Will My Days Be Like in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town?
Following is a sample itinerary for one day abroad (2-3 days per city):

9:00-9:30am: Transfer
9:30am-12:00pm: Meeting with Political Party Representatives
12:00-12:30pm: Transfer
12:30-2:00pm: Lunch with American Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, or similar organization
2:00-2:30pm: Transfer
2:30-4:00pm: Panel: NGOs
4:00-4:30pm: Transfer
4:30-6:00pm: Panel: CEOs and Corporate Executives
Evening: Dinner and activities on students' own

What Dates Are the Class and the Travel to South Africa?
Blackboard-Based Classes:July 8- August 17, 2019 Lectures, readings, and assignments will be made available on Blackboard. Due dates will be listed on the syllabus, and work can be completed at your own pace as long as deadlines are met.
Global Perspective Residency in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town: August 3-10, 2019

When Do I Apply, and When Will I Be Notified of My Acceptance?
Application Deadline: April 5, 2019
Acceptance Decisions: April 12, 2019

How Much Will This Cost?
Tuition: $5,295 ($1765/credit; estimate subject to change)
Health and Safety Insurance: $25
Hotel: $950 (seven nights’ accommodations + daily breakfast)
Group Transport: $300 (for intra-country airfare, bus rental, taxi, subway, and/or other daily transportation needs throughout the week)
Group Meals: $300 (GSPM dinner reception, lunches, and Farewell Dinner-Reception)
Estimated Total on GW Bill: $6870

NOTE: The listed fees are subject to change. The "Estimated Total on GW Bill" comprises the costs that will appear on the GW Student Accounts bill. All other expenses -- including airfare, non-group meals, non-group transportation, passport and visa fees, etc. -- will be sought out and paid by students directly and will not be billed through the university. GSPM reserves the right to change this program at any time without notice.

Need general short-term study abroad information? Here are some helpful links: Questions? Please email Laura Vasisko.